The post-bachelor DPO Course provides up to date knowledge on data protection and privacy. You will be trained to carry out the role of Data Protection Officer as set out in Article 39 of the GDPR. You will acquire technical knowledge of privacy and data protection law and the operational knowledge and skills to apply laws and regulations in practice.

Developed in collaboration with Duthler Academy’s multi-disciplinary group of partners, the DPO Course programme offers professional education, training and support for individuals currently working as, or seeking to pursue a career as a Data Protection Officer.

All modules are taught by experts on the subject matter of the module. The course material is continually updated and appended to reflect changing needs and requirements.

On completing the course, participants will receive a Professional Data Protection Officer qualification and are entitled to ongoing guidance and support from Duthler Academy in performing their tasks and duties.

Who is the DPO Course intended for?

The DPO certificate course is designed for those seeking to acquire expert-level knowledge and skills in data protection law and data protection practices.

The course is particularly suited for professionals who have a background in accounting, auditing, legal services and IT.

For other professionals who are looking to expand upon their current graduate or postgraduate qualification, following this course will open up new career opportunities.

Duthler Academy also welcomes those who are interested in exploring, protecting, and understanding privacy and data protection for their own sake.


The DPO Course programme offers a combination of theory and practice that ensures participants leave equipped with the knowledge and skills essential to professional success. Participant progress is tested with end of module exams.

Students study 30 modules over two years for a post-bachelor DPO certificate. Study is self-paced and is expected to require 16-20 hours per module. The modular approach enables participants to grow into the role of DPO at their own pace, so they can take up professional responsibilities whenever they are ready. The modules combine face-to-face workshops with online learning to deliver training when and where it is needed.

Course material is provided in various formats, including slides, handouts, videos and audio recordings. Duthler Academy determines the most appropriate format for the particular topic being presented and posts the Learning Module on the Academy Moodle environment to meet participant learning needs.

The programme can be tailored to meet the needs and aspirations of both experienced and upcoming DPOs.