DPO Directory

The Directory of Registered Data Protection Officers is an online hub for data protection and privacy professionals.

The site provides a place for qualified and upcoming Data Protection Officers to showcase their capabilities, discover the particular interests and specialisms of other members of Duthler’s active DPO community and to stay informed about laws, regulations and regulatory guidance as changes emerge.

Containing contact details, industry sector and biographies, the Directory also makes it easier for organisations to find qualified data protection and privacy experts in their region and sector, and for DPOs to forge vital, ongoing relationships with like-minded professionals in and outside the community.

All the DPOs listed in the Directory have completed, or are in the process of completing the DPO Course programme and as such possess solid knowledge of data protection law, privacy and security norms and the implications and requirements of the GDPR. The actual attained competence level as endorsed by the Duthler Academy can be searched for each Registered DPO.

Registration on the DPO Directory is the first criteria for the award of a privacy seal by a Trusted Third Party such as MYOBI.