Awareness Raising


Has an unauthorized user ever seen sensitive documents at the printer? Has one of your employees or colleagues ever lost a USB flash drive with important files? Privacy is a subject that requires an advanced level of awareness among all employees in your organization.

Duthler Academy offers an in-house Awareness Program, which aims to achieve a permanent positive change in the behavior of your employees. The program entails an internal communication campaign and strategic training for supervisors. In this way privacy and security awareness is raised, knowledge is implemented throughout the organization, and behavioral change becomes more visible.

The process will be monitored by an experienced data protection officer (DPO), who acts as a point of reference and to whom questions can be addressed.


The program ensures that employees:

  • are aware of the risks associated with the use of personal data;
  • can use practical tools to limit these risks;
  • know which data may be shared and with whom;
  • are able to identify incidents and handle them.

Training can be provided in an efficient manner, due to the modular set-up of the program.

Furthermore, we offer the following benefits:

  • A personalized e-learning environment;
  • Registration through your own HRM-system;
  • The results of the program are automatically recorded in the privacy and security accounting structure of your organization, as evidence of the effective implementation of data management structures, which organizations are legally obliged to provide;
  • Relevant internal measures, processes and examples can be added to the e-learning environment; for example, a podcast by the organization’s chairman.


The program consists of three training courses. The basic training consists of a lively, practice-oriented e-learning intended for all employees. If your employees want or need more knowledge, they can take one or more extended training courses. Thanks to the modular design, the training can be easily and cost-efficiently tailored to your company-specific situation.

The supporting program ensures that privacy awareness remains relevant within your organization for an extended period of time. This includes, for example, periodic progress reports and in-depth input for management meetings.

With the Awareness Program, knowledge is built up within your organization and the awareness of employees is demonstrably increased, without the employees being overburdened. Upon successfully finishing the program, your employees receive a certificate that is valid for one year.

The program is supervised by Anneke van der Heijden, an expert DPO who acts as a sounding board for your own DPO or internal project manager.


Based on a two-year contract, the program is charged at a maximum of € 35 plus VAT per participant per year, regardless of whether the participant takes one, two or all three training courses. Enquire about the possibilities via

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