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The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into force on 25 May 2018. Various sectors have long been familiar with requirement to handle personal data carefully, as well as sector-specific privacy rules. The GDPR, however, introduces new and stricter rules. This includes the accountability obligation, the obligation to register the implementation of management structures and data breaches, and the conclusion of processing agreements that must meet certain requirements. It is not easy to know all relevant privacy rules, to relate them to each other and to apply them properly.

Duthler Academy, in collaboration with First Lawyers, is developing handbooks for various sectors, which offer practical tools to comply with regulations. Legislation is constantly changing and the Duthler Academy handbooks are updated as much as necessary.

The Healthcare Handbook is the first manual we have developed. It is intended for people who work in healthcare and who can be on called to account for their compliance with privacy legislation. Whether they are individual practitioners, doctors or managers in hospitals and care institutions, all healthcare professionals will find this Handbook useful.

You register as a contact on behalf of your organization, after which you will have access to the Healthcare Handbook within three working days. In addition, you have the option to grant employees within your organization access via your personal environment.


Contacts within an organization pay € 70 per year. For every employee you register on behalf of your organization, you pay € 5 per year.

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You should first sign up as a contact on behalf of your organization. You can then access the Healthcare Handbook through your personal training portal at Duthler Academy. You also have the option to grant access to employees within your organization through your personal environment.

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