Awareness Raising


Has any unauthorised user ever seen (your) sensitive documents at the printer? Has one of your employees or colleagues ever lost a USB flash drive with important files? Privacy is a subject that requires an advanced level of awareness in every organisation.

Duthler Academy offers an in house Awareness raising programme, which aimes to achieve a permanent positive change in the behaviour of your employees. The program entails an internal communication campaign and strategic training for supervisors. In this way privacy and security awareness is raised, knowledge is being implemented and behavioural change becomes more and more visible. After successfully completing the program, employees will be awarded with a certificate.

The process will be monitored by an experienced data protection officer (DPO), who acts as a point of reference and to whom questions can be addressed.


The in house Awareness raising programme teaches employees to:

  • Be aware of risks of using personal data;
  • Manage the risks of using personal data;
  • Know which data can be shared and with whom;
  • Be able to detect and report incidents.
  • Tailored offer
  • Duthler Academy offers in house, tailor made to fit your organisation coaching.

Training can be provided in an efficient manner, due to the modular based model of training. Furthermore, we offer the following benefits:

  • A highly personalised look of the e-Learning environment;
  • Registration through the connection of your own HRM-system;
  • Automaticly recording the results of the program in the privacy and security accounting of the organisation, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the programme;
  • Adding personal internal measures, processes and examples in the e-Learning environment, or adding a filmed speech by the chairman.
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