Speed up courses


Duthler Academy offers a series of three-day training courses (Speed-up courses) designed to assist you and/or your organisation get up to speed on the key concepts of privacy and data protection. The first course in the series, Business & Legal, provides a thorough practical grounding in EU data protection laws and regulation. The second course, Accounting, provides guidance on how to ensure and to be able to demonstrate compliance with the legislation. The third course in the series, Architecture, discusses privacy enhancing IT architectures and how they conform to data protection laws.

The Speed-up courses are pre-approved by The Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants for a maximum of 24 CPE credits for Certified Public Accountants.

Why participate in Duthler Academy Speed-up courses

  • The courses are a quick and effective way to gain a comprehensive understanding of the privacy and data protection landscape, which helps to move your organisation towards sustainable compliance.
  • The courses have an interactive style and combine theory with every day case studies. There is also plenty of opportunity for participants to ask questions relating to their own particular situation.
  • The e-Learning material is made available in advance and a recommended reading list is provided, to make sure you reap the maximum benefit from the course.
  • The course trainers are all experienced professionals in their field.
  • All attendants receive proof of participation and can opt to take end-of-course exams for a certificate of achievement.

Speed-up courses enable your organisation to obtain important knowledge on privacy and data protection. The three days Speed-up courses place emphasis on:

  1. Thorough and practical knowledge of the core of EU privacy and data protection laws and regulations (Business and Legal);
  2. Privacy accounting and governance & compliance (Accounting);
  3. Privacy-enhancing architectures (Architecture).
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